About us

We are a European-based company of engineers and professionals with decades of experience in top international companies and Simfony united us around a common goal: provide companies from all industries and of all sizes with an open framework for designing, building, testing and operating IoT projects.

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We believe that the IoT will truly deliver on expectations only when and if it will be at the reach of everyone and not a 12 months long project with a six digits budget.

By choosing our platform, companies will be able to pick and choose the building blocks needed for their future IoT projects, from global connectivity to data analytics, all based on a cloud cost model.

The telecommunications industry spent decades deploying “silo” like services before moving into an horizontally layered and opened architecture. The Internet of Things should follow this model right from the start and we are committed to providing our customers with a complete and open framework for bringing any IoT project to life.

We would be more than happy to hear from you and answer all the questions you might have about the best suited solutions for your business.

Bogdan Balan

Founder & CEO

I manage all the business aspects of Simfony Mobile to ensure the company's long term success.

Solid IT&C background and 11 years spent as a private investor in the telecom industry.

Stefan Anghel

Product Architect

I design the core features of Simfony Mobile, making sure it helps you build your perfect IoT application.

Visionary and passionate by nature, Stefan has always been dedicated to his favorite activity field – telecom.

Laurentiu Stan

Business Development Manager

I manage Simfony's client portfolio and its expansion, always seeking new and interesting parnerships.

Top level experience in large, multinational companies with over 17 years in IT&C sales and management.