The efficiency of Retail & FMCG on the brink of IoT revolution

During the past years, Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved so much becoming a crucial element for billions of people in the entire world, even though most of them aren’t at all aware of this. Forecasts show that using interconnected devices will not be limited to one particular sector. However, in retail and FMCG industry a much faster assimilation can already be seen on a larger scale than in most of the other industries.

When it comes to the IoT, we don’t refer to a specific technology, because the complexity of necessary solutions which are to be devised for an optimal functioning of production or commercial activities is much too big. Also, countries have different legislations and quality standards, and consequently implementing an IoT solution is different from one case to another. This difference is made by the provider.

It’s very easy to explain these facts. Retail companies and FMCG companies deal with great amounts of information which must be checked in real time and which someone inside the organization has to manage without delay. Deteriorated stuff due to the fact that the fridge temperature lowered and nobody noticed on time is the most frequent example. Nevertheless, we can find a lot of examples with IoT making everyone’s life easier thanks to well-designed solutions even in average sized operations.

If we analyze the evolution of Retail & FMCG on an international level, we can affirm that in only a few years success will not only be influenced by the implementation of IoT solutions, but rather these solutions will even be the key for success!

Adapt to the new conditions or just vanish!

Unfortunately, this will be a hard lesson that some companies might learn too late. The good news is that IoT creates a suitable framework for organizational changes which follow the so-called rule of 1% efficiency – an improvement of only 1% in operational efficiency has a major positive impact on the turnover rate of the entire organization.

Thus, when we analyze the manner in which a company checks its daily activity by modern standards, we don’t include massive investments at the level of the entire operational chain, but small improvements with a prompt impact. In order to use the above example, monitoring the optimum storing conditions of goods by means of a temperature sensor is relatively simple when the provider offers an integrated solution.

The Connected Cabinets solution from Simfony Mobile is a perfect example. This is made up from a hardware part – a sensor, a microcontroller, an accumulator – and the software – the monitoring platform, a command panel with multiple controlling possibilities in real time.

The sensors send the data by means of a special SIM card (Machine-to-Machine) towards the Simfony platform, and based on that data extremely useful personalized reports will be generated for taking decisions of cost optimizing. Moreover, through the Simfony platform devices are managed from distance, and they can be reconfigured, interrogated or checked.

The versatility of the integrated solutions

Monitoring temperatures in refrigerators is only one of the possible applications of the integrated solutions. Thus, we come to the greatest advantage of an accelerated implementation of IoT in Retail and FMCG. Let’s suppose that after some time we notice that humidity in the refrigerator should be monitored as well.

Is it necessary to change the solution? No. This implementation will be possible only by adding new sensors. The Simfony platform can be extremely easily adapted even by final users who don’t have programming knowledge, because it uses an intuitive “drag-and-drop” graphical interface. Thus, the initial investment is adjusted to the specific needs of the company searching for IoT solutions and Machine2Machine (M2M).

Our approach is based on offering to our clients exactly what they need. This is a major competitive advantage of Simfony Mobile, but it’s not the only one. Simfony Platform is a solution which from the beginning was designed to make the end users’ life easier, being a platform which already attracted specialists thanks to its conjunction of versatility and intuitive use. Not in the least, Simfony Mobile is the only provider of IoT and M2M integrated solutions that offers the M2M SIMs following the principle you pay what you use – that means the client only pays for the active SIMs.”

Do I need an IoT/M2M solution?

Inside your organization are there any devices or spaces which need monitoring and intervention in real time? Are there in the flowchart people whose job duties include constant monitoring and intervention? An affirmative answer to any one of these two questions should make you curious about the current existing solutions.

In time, under competitors’ pressure, the automation of operations will become a norm, whether we like it or not. One solution is a timely implementation of the new technologies, which is going to bring numerous benefits on different levels – reduced costs and increased efficiency from the very first day, assimilation of the basic principles for IoT and M2M use in business, as well as the implementation of a solid foundation which will be the basis for new immediate solutions over time.

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