Payment Charging Station

Boost your charging station business with an affordable and ready to use cashless payment and remote control service.

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Simfony offers a highly affordable, customizable and secure solution based on global M2M connectivity, SMS payment and real time monitoring through our platform or through enterprise integration.

Sooner or later, we will be surrounded by a network of electric car charging stations. One of the main challenges will be monitoring and managing these devices spread over thousands of square kilometers.

Connect your charging stations to our cloud service using either our secure mobile data connection or your own internet connectivity.

Customers can immediately start accessing your charging service using SMS payment.

Visualize and control remotely your charging station’s activity. Reuse the default reports or build your own custom ones.

Enjoy the benefits of your worry free Charging Station Service and get 1 year of free service!


Simple, Fast, Affordable Solution

Simfony Payments Management System for Charging Stations is easy to implement and our team will offer you full support toonboard your charging stations. It works globally and it is highly customizable, as it can accommodate constant upgrades and tweaking of its features.

No human supervision

SMS Payment helps your customers have easy access to your charging service either through SMS based payment or mobile number white listing, which dramatically improves your profitability.

Reports and Alerts

View real time reports and stats about your charging station. Receive alerts and notifications about important events.

Secure connection

Ensure a secure mobile data connection for your charging station either to Simfony IoT Cloud or to your private network.

Optimized Costs

Simplify and automatize operations by running your electric charging service from the cloud.


Integrate the service with existing authorization services in your Enterprise environment.


The number of electric vehicles is gaining momentum worldwide and electric charging stations are daily popping out.

There are 1.25 million electric vehicles in the world and 1.4 million electric charging outlets in the world in 2015, with a 75% yearly growth, large majority of them being private outlets (1.3 million). Adoption rate of electric vehicles will continue to increase. Considering the profile of the early adopters, it is important that you offer to your customers facilities such as a modern payment system.

Cashless payment

Make buying process faster and increase the number of customers.

Energy consumption

See in real time how much energy was consumed per unit.

Operational state

Act in a timely manner and prevent prolonged malfunction.

Reporting analytics

Analyze profitability and make more accurate short and long term predictions.

Do you need a customized solution for your specific needs?

Installation fee


- IoT Cloud service setup

- Service testing

- SIM card (if applicable)

- Data modem is not included

95 €

Charging Station fee

Public Internet

/ month

Simfony M2M SIM CARD

/ Mb

1.8 €

0.20 €

Cloud Service

/ month


- 4 charging stations

- Data storage

- Reports

- Web and API access

First year free.

9 €

Interested in Payment Charging Station Solution?

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