Smart Agriculture

Optimize the yield of your farming land or livestock using a modern, flexible approach based on your unique business needs.

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Agriculture and farming can now greatly benefit from a cellular M2M connectivity solution which allows unsurpassed remote management through sensors and systems adapted to their unique needs.

Simfony’s Smart Agriculture solution is here to help farmers off all sizes adopt modern technologies and reap their benefits, through highly scalable solutions in terms of both size and cost. Now even the smallest farmers can consider adopting the latest tech solutions.
Monitoring and maintaining control over huge land areas is time consuming and expensive when solely human workforce is used.

Agriculture needs modern solutions and we offer you state-of-the-art measurement, monitoring and reporting designed for a wide range of industries.
The cellular connected fix-mount data collection equipment from Simfony is designed to immediately increase your efficiency through a personalized approach that is scalable, adjustable and global.

Implementing a remotely controlled agriculture management:

Soil humidity sensors;

Soil compost sensors;

Soil temperature sensors;

Intelligent systems to remotely schedule soil watering;

Simultaneously verifying and managing multiple equipment in real-time;

Historical reports.

The installation of a fix-mount data collection equipment will provide you:

Cloud storage solutions

Real-time data visualization

Non-stop GSM connectivity

Customizable alerting schedules

Telemetry tool

You are provided with an integration service to automatically transfer the data collected from the field to any software system.

All data stored in the Simfony Cloud is available for retrieval and analysis over the Web GUI.

Custom reports can be build and applied to the existing data, extracting and emphasizing the relevant information.


Implementing data collection through a new evolved technology will generate:

Saving costs on implementation, maintenance and operation;

Monitoring of operating parameters remotely - without distortion;

Flexible access to applications;

Easy reporting on client systems installed in several locations;

Flexible access to applications;

Saved time and space previously allocated to physical implementations.

Demonstration systems marketed for sale capabilities - by conducting Proof of Concept pilot solutions tailored to specific requirements you might have.


Unlock the power of the three key pieces of technology that are at the core of Simfony solutions - Simfony’s IoT Platform , Simfony’s cross-border mobile network and the Piccolo M2M Bridge.

Crop monitoring

Take decisions and act in real time through remote crops monitoring.

Animal tracking

See your livestock movement and behavior for faster decision making.

Farming facilities

Remotely monitor your facilities and equipment saving employee time.

Farming machineries

See the exact location of your machineries and their state of operation.

Resource consumption (water, fuel)

Act efficiently and avoid losing livestock or crops due to resource scarcity.

Climate monitoring

Make sure you can predict and use weather to your advantage.

Do you need a customized solution for your specific needs?

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